Our services

: custom-made and flexible solutions.

Listening, counselling and information about the followings topics :

- Health: incapacitation, disabled workers recognition, illness, sick leave, therapeutic part-time, disability, death…

- Budget: financial hardship, excessive debt, consolidation loan…

- End of career: evaluation, employment record, retirement provision…

- Housing: security in residence (advise and help).

- Family life: education, separation, divorces…

- Legal issues: justice court, eviction, alimony…

Multidisciplinary performance, one-time and adding to habitual social work services, with expert facilitators.

- Organizing group awareness trainings within companies.

- Psychosocial issues selected by the company (stress, alcohol, etc.)

- Post-trauma support for physically assaulted employees or employees witnesses of traumatic situations during their working time: collective debriefing, psychological support, awareness to post-traumatic symptoms for the activities concerned.

Tailor-made intervention routes.

- Social hotlines, adapted to business constraints, within the company.

- Home visits with employees’ agreement.

- In house and phone support line.

- Outside sessions available for applicant employees (hospitalization, treatments…). We welcome your associates in our office, located in Roissy-en-France (meeting room accessible to disabled persons, parking).

- Annual statistics report submitted to the direction / board