Who we are

An experimented and pluridisciplinary team

Béatrice BELABBAS, corporate stakeholder, is an independant social worker. She founded in September 2008, after she was employed in several industrial groups (Alstom, Mutuelle nationale de la Presse, ACMS, Kéolis…). Béatrice BELABBAS is also President of ARTSI (Association Réseau des Travailleurs Sociaux Indépendants) since November 2011.

Fabienne PRISO, social worker, graduated in 2003. She brings seven years of experience in the support to political refugees. She used to work in the medical sector (support of patients at the end of their life, and of their loved ones). She’s also accustomed to facilitating and coordinating collective projects.

Véronique BARRE, social worker, graduated in 1988. She has corporate experience in many areas: car industry, aeronautics, large retail, bank and insurance. She also worked in public administration (National Education, Fresnes prison hospital).

Maïté Navas Kétouré, social worker, graduated in 1974. She will provide your company with 30 years of experience in the public and private sectors. As a social work team manager, Maïté Navas Kétouré is an expert in social support in business contexts, as well as managing projects and leading multidisciplinary prevention plans

Joëlle Radenez, social worker, graduated in 1975. She has extensive experience in the public sector (childhood protection, medical care…). But also in the private sector, especially within international groups.

Marie Kumar is a social worker since 2006. She followed in end-of-studies internship with Béatrice Belabbas. Before animating the Disability listening and advice Unit within Servair Group.

Aurélie WADOUX, executive assistant. After an initial professional experience and training in home care services, she naturally chose the support position of executive assistant, in a company integrating social and human values matching hers.